Our students

This corner of our webpage is made for and by our students. It has a variety of texts and a display of some projects.

They are the teachers

Today, our 2ESO group have prepared some games for 6Prim. They have taught past simple and then practised it with their games. It's been great!

Halloween 2018


The children have decorated our window with some pictures and messages about spring because they love it! And so do we!

It's really nice when passers-by stop in front of the window and show their children some of these messages.

And, of course, it's great to see our children proudly displaying their texts or drawings.

Enjoying Carnival!

Dressing up is always fun!

St Valentine's Day

Love for teaching

Love for learning

We're in love with education

Love for English

Love for culture

We love all this big adventure

Today, our teacher Alba's creativity (she says she doesn't have it) has brought us this nice (and cheesy? Not at all!) decoration.

Good job, Alba and kids!

Happy Halloween!

The scariest costumes for the funniest evening!

PET certificates

Javi and Emilio, two great students, have just passed their PET exams.

Congratulations. Now you have your certificates and are ready for B2. Go for it!


Dear Rubén:

I’m planning a party to celebrate my birthday. We are having a big barbecue on the countryside. It starts at 9 p.m. and finishes at 4 a.m. Can you buy a hamburger or sausages?

Bye for now.

Hi, Álvaro:

I’m having a comic party on Sunday 21st April at my countryside. You know where my countryside is. Shall we meet at 5 o’clock? And you need a comic. Hope you can come. You can text your reply.

Bye for now.

Dear Xio,

It’s my birthday on Friday and I’m having a party. It starts at 5 p.m. Can you come at my house?

Thanks. Love.


Hi, Álvaro:

I’m planning a party on 21st June. You can come. It starts at 5 o’clock and finishes at midday. It’s a pyjamas party. Please, let me know.


Hi, Inés

I’m having a party on Friday 15th April at my house because it’s my birthday at 6 p.m. Can you come, please? I haven’t got a party pot. Can you buy one for me, please?

See you Inés. I love you.

2nd Secondary


It's grey. It's big.

It's got four legs. It's got big ears and a long tail.

It can run. It can walk. It can swim.

It can't jump. It can't climb. It can't fly.


Elephants are Esther's favourite animals.

It's grey and white. It's big. It's nice.

It's got little eyes. It's got three flippers.

It can swim. It can jump. It can't fly. It can't walk.


Dolphins are Nazaret's favourite animals.

2nd Primary

A member of my family


My mum's name is Mercedes. She was born in Almendralejo. She grew up there. She went to school in Mérida; her school was Suárez Somonte. She got a job in a shop. She moved to Mérida when she was young. She got married to Juan, my dad. They had five children. I love my family.


My mum's name is Mamen. She was born in Mérida. She grew up here. She went to Josefina's school. She got a job as a cleaner. She moved to a new flat. She got married in Mérida and she had one child: me! I love my family.


My grandfather's name is Marcos. He is my mother's father. He was born in Berbegal (Huesca). He grew up and went to school there. He got a job as a Civil Guard. He moved to Zaragoza. He got married to my grandmother there. They had two daughters. One of them is my mother. I love my grandfather and my family.


My mum's name is Dioni. She was born in Mérida. She grew up and went to school here. She got a job in a shop. She didn't move to other town. She got married here to my dad. She had two children: my sister and me. I love my parents.I love my family.

1st Secondary

Mérida, our town

Mérida is a little town. It has got a lot of monuments. It has got a few cinemas, a lot of shops and cafés above all. There isn't much traffic and there isn't much pollution because Mérida has got lots of parks. There are some nightclubs. It has four bridges: three of them are modern and one of them is the famous Roman Bridge, that is nearly 2100 years old. Mérida has got the biggest high school in Extremadura.


In the centre of Mérida, at weekends, there are a lot of people from all the town. There aren't many flats; there are more houses. There are few big streets. In this part of the town there are plenty of monuments and there are a few souvenir shops. The Guadiana river flows by our town.


You can find a lot of cafés and a little pollution. There are few parks. There aren't any nightclubs. There isn't much traffic, so there isn't much noise at night. There is one cinema nearby. There aren't many shops. There are some garages and there are a lot of flats, as well as a huge supermarket. There's a good sports centre.

3&4 Secondary group